Thursday, 9 February 2012

Dvolver---make your own small movie

Dvolver is a website that people can make their own small movies, or cartoon. This website is easy to use. It provide the different backgrounds, different situations, different ways that people meet and different characterises of people. Students can choose their favourite one and make small movies. At the same time, they need to design the dialogues for the people when they meet each other in the small movies. In this way, students can find a way to practise their writing skill and communication skill.

How to use:

1. Teacher can give a topic for students and let students make small movies around this topic. Students can do this after class and send their movies to teacher or post their movies on their blogs, facebooks, or other place.

2. If students learn a new grammar in the class, teacher can let students use this new grammar to make a small dialogue by using this website. It is fun to do homework or to do some grammar exercises.

3. Students can work in pairs to finish a small movie. Since this website only can play music, but not play the dialogue. Therefore, after students finish their small movies, they can take this small movie to the class, and add their own voice when play this movie.


1. This website can motivate students. It is easy to use and fun to make their own movies.

2. This website can provide a way for students to work in pairs and exercise their grammer or sentence structure.


1. This website only can play the music, it cannot read the dialogues.

2. Students cannot use their own pictures as background or situation. Students only can use the pictures that this website provided.

3. This website only provides 4 situations that people meet each other.

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