Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Flickr--picture presentation

Flickr is a website which people can use it to make presentation with different photos or pictures, then people can add some words to these photos or pictures. after people finish this presentation, they can send this presentation to someone else or put this presentation to their blogs. the picture blow is Flickr:

How to use:

1. teacher can let students do their own presentations about a place or a people. Students can search pictures and photos in this website and then use these pictures and photos to finish their presentations. Also they can add some words to these pictures and photos. After they finish their presentations, they can send their presentations to teachers or put the presentations to their blogs.

2. teachers can use this website to do presentations to explain a task about a place or a people. Presentations will more vivid than books and can attract students' attention.


1. this website can motivate students.

2. giving teacher a new way to make presentation except PPT , and more vivid and easier.


1. lazy students will ask other people to help them to finish this task.

2. if teacher use many pictures in his/her presentation, students' attention will focus on the picture rather than the content.

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