Thursday, 9 February 2012

Wallwisher---post your wish here

Wallwisher is free and similar to Todaysmeet, but in my opinion, I think that wallwisher is more fun than Todaysmeet and wallwisher can motivate students since this website provide many different backgrounds for people and student not only can add their comments on the 'wall', but also can add website, video and pictures to this 'wall'. Students do not need to log in or register. People can see all walls and add their comments to that wall. If people want to make a wall, they need to find a topic for this wall and add some dscription of this wall, if they do not want to show every comments, they can choose the approve. Since this website do not need to log in, thus if people do not log in, this website will not show their name, but they can change it.

How to use:

1. Teacher can put the question as the topic of the wall, and ask students to this wall and add their answer to this wall. But teacher should choose the approve, since if lazy students can see other students' answers, they will copy it.

2. If teacher want to get some feedback of a exam or a lesson, he/she can use this website. And students can choose whether leave their name or not. It is good for shy students who do not like express their opinions in public.

3. Teacher can use this website to give students a way to practise grammar. For example, teacher can put a sentence as a topic of a wall, and let students change the tense, structure, verb form of this sentence. Students just need to post their answers to this wall is ok. They also can choose whether leave their name or not. In this way, teacher can find some mistakes, and explain these mistakes in class.

4. Teahcer can use this website as online room to teach language. For example, teacher can put the language piont as the topic of a wall, and add some videos, pictures or website that related to this language point. Students can use this wall and learn this language point at home or review after class.


1. this website is more colorful than Todaysmeet, thus this website can motivate students to answer a question.

2. This website can add comments, videos, pictures and website, thus teacher can use this website to attract students to finish their homework.

3. This website can give a way for shy students to express their comments or opinions.


1. This website cannot use for a large size class, since if this website is used for a large size class, it will be mass if all students express their opinions. And teacher will not have enough time to read every comments since some comments will be covered by other comments.

2. If students do not log in, it will not show their name.

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